FAQs for Students

Use of Statutory Declaration/Medical Notes

Update: documentation to support absences

Instructors cannot currently ask students for documentation to support absences in academic courses. The regulation allowing this documentation to be requested has been suspended through to the end of the summer 2023 term. The university’s program for providing statutory declarations has also been suspended through to the end of the summer 2023 term.

Your instructor may ask you for some documentation of your illness/medical situation/absence. A medical note cannot be required, so you cannot be required to go to the doctor if you choose not to. You can view the calendar regulations here.

You should inform your instructor as soon as possible that you were absent or missed a deadline for submission of coursework. You should then arrange to provide documentation in a timely manner if they request it.

Your instructor will decide whether to accept or decline your reason. The statutory declaration is to provide evidence of that reason.  You need to provide only as much information as a reasonable person would need to make an informed decision.

Submission of your documentation should be made directly to your instructor. Your instructor will inform you of acceptable methods to them, such as in person, during class, office hours, or by email.

 or deferred examination request by submitting a statutory declaration?

No, a statutory declaration will be used in consideration of determining approval for an absence or approving a deferred examination request but does not guarantee that any request will be approved. For example, a statutory declaration that explains you were absent for a family reunion, whilst accurate, may not be deemed acceptable by your instructor. Likewise, a medical note confirming an upset stomach ten days prior might also not be accepted as a legitimate reason.

You should first download the statutory declaration form and then complete the form either by typing in and then printing off or printing off and writing in pen. You then would meet with a Commissioner for Oaths for signing. Please bring your UCID with you for identification. Several registered Commissioners for Oaths are available to students on campus at no charge. You can meet with a Commissioner for Oaths by visiting Enrolment Services during regular business hours. Students attending a scheduled appointment (to address other matters) at the Student Success Centre, SU Wellness Centre, or the Student Ombuds Office may also access a Commissioner for Oaths during their appointment.

Some faculties also have Commissioner for Oaths within their student advising offices. Students can also access a Commissioner for Oaths, as well as other legal services, on campus for free (for undergraduate students) through Student Legal Assistance or off campus for a fee.

If your instructor has requested this documentation you should submit it directly to your instructor in a method acceptable to them. If the statutory declaration is for another purpose – ex. deferred exam request, then you would follow the submission instructions for that process.

The Commissioner for Oaths can copy your form for the appropriate number of instructors. You will both sign each copy and the Commissioner for Oaths will provide their stamp on each copy as instructors may want an original signed document.

No, the Commissioners for Oaths will only provide this service for your University of Calgary related business.

Is my personal information safe? 

All documents submitted by students will be kept in accordance with university records retention rule 99.0006 Student Academic Files – Undergraduate (asc.ucalgary.ca/marrs/undergraduate) and 98.0018 Student Academic Files – Graduate (asc.ucalgary.ca/marrs/graduate).

Yes, lying on a statutory declaration is a violation of the Criminal Code of Canada. Falsification of a statutory declaration would also be considered a violation of either Academic Misconduct regulations or the Student Non-Academic Misconduct policy and sanctions may be applied.


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